Welcome to healthyintermittentfasting.com! My name is Kieran Paul and my goal is to improve peoples quality of life by showing them an enjoyable and realistic way to lose unwanted fat.  What if you could get fit while getting to eat the foods you enjoy most? Guess what folks, you can!  Fitness professionals are notorious for having conflicting ideas and opinions when it comes to overall health and fitness, but at the end of the day, you need to find an enjoyable system that works for you. I want to debunk the myth that getting lean takes throwing out all of your favorite foods, working out 6 times per week, and eating four small meals a day – all of this is nonsense. I have tried countless eating regiments and none of them fit well with my lifestyle until I took a lesser known approach – enter intermittent fasting.

I  went from 195 pounds and 18% body fat down to 170 pounds and 10% fat in 3 months using an enjoyable intermittent fasting method.

This site came to existenece out of frustriation. I was never able to adchieve the physique I wanted until I came across the tool that is intermittent fasting. This site is here to educate people on how to lose unwanted fat effortlessly, gain muscle mass(even if you don’t workout), and improve quality of life through eating well and being happy with your physical appearance. Everything you’ll ever need to know about getting lean and staying lean is all here!