Lose Fat Effortlessely With IF

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Why Should I Intermittent Fast?

Intermittent Fasting makes the fat loss journey enjoyable and effortless, all the while getting to enjoy massive satiating meals, AND staying in a calorie deficit. What is intermittent fasting?  It’s quite simple,  you have an 8 hour eating window, followed by 16 hours of fasting. That’s it.

Fun fact: You are fasting while you are sleeping. Intermittent fasting just means you are extending your fast a few more hours upon waking up, and pushing that first meal a little later into the day.

  • No strict intermittent fasting schedule, you just have to adhere to the 16 8 rule above.
  • Reason for this – it makes staying in a calorie deficit easier, all while getting to enjoy big meals.
  • You can easily drop 1-2 pounds of FAT a week – No matter how far along you are on your fitness journey.

But the more out of shape you are, the faster you will lose unwanted fat.

Fat loss boils down to one principle – Staying in a calorie deficit (Consuming less calories daily)intermittent fasting supplements

For people new to this concept it may sound unhealthy, crazy, unorthodox, and maybe a bit strange.

But it’s quite the contrary. Believe it or not you are fasting every night while you sleep. Intermittent fasting is simply prolonging the fast for a few hours upon waking up each day!

But for those of us that have adopted the intermittent fasting schedule, it not only becomes easy after the short hurdle of the first few days, it will start to enhance your life.

Most people’s contention with Intermittent Fasting is this “I LOVE BREAKFAST”. So, let’s dive in.

Why Do We Eat Every Morning?

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Because that’s what you’ve been taught to do since before you can even remember! Just because you do something everyday, that doesn’t make it right, or healthy for that matter. Evolutionarily speaking, our bodies have evolved over thousands of years to eat our big meals at night before bed. This is in part due to not always having food at our constant disposal, and adding to that our ancestors had to hunt and kill for food. In fact, plenty of historians state that breakfast has only been ingrained into our culture the past few hundred years. 

Also, if you really want your breakfast foods all that much, you can still have them, just enjoy your bacon and eggs later in the day. There are a multitude of benefits that come from intermittent fasting. Fasting for 16 hours each day gives your body the time it needs to process and breakdown all the food and crap that you put into it(which majority of people don’t do). This allows your body to achieve a state of “autophagy”

Autophagy definition: destruction of damaged or redundant cellular components occurring in vacuoles within the cell.

In other words – Your body gets to destroy all those unwanted cells and get back to being more efficient.

 The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting Allow You To:

intermittent fasting what to eat

Eat MASSIVE satiating meals. This is the best part about intermittent fasting. Never mind the slimmer waste line, the cancer fighting effects, and the improved brain function. You get to eat great big meals, and drop fat day by day waking up each day a little bit leaner.

All because your body is tapping into your fat cells to burn as energy.

Again, this is the goal with intermittent fasting. Fat loss=calorie deficit. Intermittent fasting gives you a shorter eating window, which leads to bigger meals(usually lunch, dinner, and a small snack), which result in less cravings and more satisfaction.


The 8 hour eating window enables you to eat big 700-1100 calorie meals which fill you up and make you feel satisfied. People that fast generally eat 2 big meals per day with a little snack in between, and maybe a little desert after dinner.  There are no specific hours that you need to follow.

Work IF around your schedule!

For Example

If you stop eating at 10 pm, your next meal wont be until around 2 pm the following afternoon.

It doesn’t have to be strict, ultimately you need to listen to your body.

Slowly work your way up to 16 hours of fasting.

Start with 12-13 hours, and naturally progress until you achieve 16 hours of effortless fasting.


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More Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

  • Fat loss(especially unwanted belly fat)
  • Assist in calorie restriction
  • Reduces Insulin Resistance(your body will handle sugar better) lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in the body
  • Intermittent fasting may be beneficial for heart health
  • Autophagy aka cellular repair
  • Reduces risk of certain cancers
  • Fights free radical damage
  • Improves brain health through reducing oxidative stress in the brain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Boosts immunity and enhances tissue healing
  • Boosts Growth Hormone(HGH) which is known to create physiological changes in metabolism which are in favour of fat burning and protein sparing.

There are countless studies on the benefits of intermittent fasting but we are going to focus on fat loss the healthy way..

Intermittent Fasting and Fat Loss

Why does this work better than other fat loss programs?how long to fast to lose fat

People today spend more time in a fed state than they do in a fasted state. Everybody is always fed.  As a result, our bodies get to spend less time burning and mobilizing stored body fat to use as energy. This leads to insulin levels being high all the time, which means your body never gets a chance to use it’s fat storages to burn as fuel. 

Humans have the ability to become what’s called “fat adapted”. Meaning, your body can fuel itself with stored body fat instead of using glucose(sugar). The goal is to promote fat mobilization and lower insulin, and turn your body into a fat burning machine. This takes time and practice but your body adapts fast and will only take a few weeks to adopt and become “fat adapted”. To become successful in turning stored body fat into energy you have to:

  1. Restrict Calories: Consuming less calories means less glucose available for fuel, which means your body will turn to fat storages for fuel.
  2. Intermittent Fast: Spending more time in a fasted state allows your body to burn fat as energy more efficiently. 

In the most general sense fat loss = taking in less calories than your body burns.

How Do I Fast For 16 Hours?!

  1. Don’t think about it. This is a lifestyle choice, not a diet!
  2. Blunt your appetite

How Do I Blunt My Appetite?intermittent fasting to lose belly fat, fasting for 16 hours a day to lose weight

  1. Black Coffee
  2. Zero calorie sparkling water
  3. Drink lots and lots of water


***To maintain a fasted state you must consume less than 50 calories, hence the black coffee. Most coffee has 0 calories but some brands have 10 to 20 per cup but that’s okay.

Fun Fact: Coffee is meant to be drank on an empty stomach, as it is an appetite suppressant, as well as a stimulant. This Blunts hunger and makes you extremely alert/focused.

General Rule Of Thumb For Counting Calories

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Your body weight multiplied by 15 is your maintenance calorie intake – example 180 pounds x 15 = 2700 daily calories to maintain your weight

To lose weight you simply take your body weight, multiply it by 12 or 13, and consume that amount of calories – example 180 pounds x 13 = 2340

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan Example

Last meal at 8 pm

First BIG meal the next day at 1 pm

Light snack (fruit, oatmeal, protein shake etc)

7 or 8 pm last BIG meal

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What to eat during Intermittent Fasting?

Nutrient dense foods are always the best solution to adhering to your calorie restriction. Real whole foods lead to less cravings. You should always be eating natural, whole, unprocessed foods to ensure you are hitting your daily calorie goals and maximizing your big meals!

We recommend an organic powdered green supplement to ensure you are getting all of your daily nutritional needs. (majority of american’s fail to consume their daily essential nutrients)

Example of meals that you don’t get on your average diet plan…

10 ounce steak, 7 ounces of roasted potatoes, 100 grams of baked broccoli – generally 1000-1200 calories

BBQ chicken and Pepperoni Pizza – 1000-1200 calories

Just  ensure you are getting all of your macro nutrients(protein,fats,carbs) – especially protein

Why Haven’t You Heard About This Before?

Because it would change the fitness industry, and that’s not good for business.

To Sum It Up

As long as you watch your macro nutrient in take (fats, carbs, protein) you have nothing to worry about! Once you can roughly eye out your calories, throw away the food scale, and enjoy your new lifestyle.

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Intermittent Fasting Supplements?

The truth is there are no intermittent fasting supplements that will make fasting easier, as IF is a natural lifestyle that millions of people live by everyday. Your body will adapt naturally, the same way it adapted to eating breakfast. We do recommend staving off hunger with coffee as it will blunt your appetite in the mornings, and make you much more productive/alert.. 

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